'I am The Horse.' During the reign of the Emperor Chien-lung, there was a war between China and Mongolia. After a bitter battle, the King of Mongolia was killed, and his wife was claimed by the victorious Emperor Chien-lung, who took her back to Beijing and made her his number one consort. The great Emperor did everything he could to win her over and make her forget her husband whom she had loved so deeply. He had a snow white pagoda constructed for her on the Summer Palace grounds, gave her the Imperial Jade collection, and had her quarters frequently sprayed with the finest perfumes. Despite all of his attempts to win her love, she remained true to her husband's memory and her spirit was never conquered. To represent the lasting bond between she and her fallen husband, Caroline Young has painted the symbols of the phoenix and the dragon on her robe to depict their togetherness forever. The bridal knot in the horse's tail also their lasting bond of marriage. The "Fragrant Princess," as she was called, was part White Russian, Chinese and Mongolian. She was known to be one of the great beauties of China and Mongolia.