Black Jade - Love’s Prophecy Fulfilled  

(From the Chinese classical novel The Dream of the Red Chamber) Black Jade was the central heroine of the story. She was in love with Chia Pao-yu and he with her.

Because of her poor health (she had consumption), she was passed over by his family when they were selecting a bride for Pao-yu. However, they were aware of his love for her, so they allowed him to believe that Black Jade was the chosen one. It was not until the night of the wedding, when he retired to the marital chambers and lifted the red veil from his bride’s face, that he discovered the treachery. Upon hearing of his marriage, Black Jade died of a broken heart. After her death, Pao-Yu retired to the mountains, and spent the rest of his days as a monk. He was sighted only once by his family, in the dead of winter, dressed in a red cloak.